Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vessel #24

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I'm starting to get a better handle on the various Traditional Japanese pottery shapes...This one is a Tokkuri (sake flask) blended with a type of flower vase. The form was created from a solid block using a piece of drift wood as a paddle to shape it and then hollowed out with a loop tool and re-assembled. I would label this vessel as an Asobu Katachi (playful form). As I do more research I'm starting to be able to distinguish pottery styles and techniques. My favorite include: Bizen, Iga, Shigaraki, Hagi, and Mino. The first three are my favorite styles. They are all defined by the region in which they were made, which determined the local clays available, as well as firing methods. I've also started to develop an interest in Raku...but I'll save that for another time...

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