Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bowls for wood firing at Mike Carrol's... are 15 more bowls I threw today for the Avon wood firing on the 29th...fingers, toes, crossed...lucky rabbits foot? I took everyone's ideas to heart...we will see how many survive...
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Shannon's Skull

My new patron Shannon recently commissioned me to create a "Dios de los muertos" themed skull. Today she came by the studio and approved the piece. Next steps: hollowing out, finishing, drying, bisque firing, glazing and glaze firing...I got work to do! Stay tuned...
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't count your chickens...also known as, "Chea's 100 bowl challenge".

Since my last lesson with Chea I've been struggling with my throwing. What came as instinct in the beginning became a frustrating exercise in over-thinking. On top of this Chea assigned me the challenge of throwing 100 bowls before I can take another lesson. And...they don't count towards the 100 bowls unless the survive bisque firing. I went through 55 lbs of clay before I made a single passable bowl. Then out of the first bakers dozen of usable bowls I only had one bowl survive. My problems with "S" cracks had returned! we are...these are 21 new bowls I just trimmed and stamped with my new chop! ("chop" post to follow) Hopefully by compressing the foot with the chop and a few other tricks I'll be able to solve the "S" crack problems. I keep thinking about a conversation I had recently with Richard Aerni. He said, "...when it comes to ceramics, you can never count your chickens...". How right he bowls yet to throw on the wheel...99 bowls yet to throw!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recently fired-ware

Here are a few pics of my most recently glazed work. I'm super pleased with the direction my nuka & temmoku combinations are going but the shinos will take much longer to get where I want least I have plenty to do...
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