Monday, September 26, 2011

Spirit Guide III

This is my most recent Spirit Guide piece. I continue to draw influence from shamanistic sources. In the case of this piece I reference crow as spirit guide. In Native American mythology crows are powerful medicine and act as guides, mentors, thieves and tricksters. I associate crows with cities and man. They, like humans, have an infinite capacity for improvisation and survival. Who better to turn to in a harsh urban environment than crow. I have juxtaposed glazed terra-cotta with feathers, copper and a halo of golden syringes. Crows are the ultimate scavengers. As survivors crows don't judge, they merely exist, as such who better to minister to the down trodden, transients, thieves, junkies, hookers and hoodlums. My next Spirit Guide piece is in homage to my totem: Bear.
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