Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hoods & Collars - (Joel's Bust IV)

Here are today's pictures of Joel's bust that I'm using in my "Hoods & Collars" piece. In case you didn't see the previous posts on this I am juxtaposing a series of busts consisting of plebian "hoods" and aristocratic "collars" in a crowd like grouping. The "collars" are giving the "hoods" very suspicious cut eyed looks in the grouping. The "collars" are also being affected by the environment by having thier hair and clothing blown by unseen forces. Juxtaposed to this are the "hoods" wearing hoodies and hats looking calm and unaffected by the same forces affecting the "collars". I plan to bisque fire these then only glaze the eyes and the clothes as a quiet homage to Greek polychromed sculpture. I will let this bust get towards leather hard then cut it in half, hollow it out, reassemble it then finish the final modeling. I'd love some feedback on this piece.
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