Monday, August 15, 2011

Muertos: Series #6 - mock-up

This is a quick mock-up for another series I'm toying with. I have been to Boston twice and each time I visited the Revolutionary War era graveyards. I was fascinated with the carvings on the head stones. That time periods views and concepts of death come off as being very irreverent and tounge in cheek. I saw a lot of graves with winged head motifs. There were three main icons used. A cherub's face with wings to either side, an hour glass with wings and a skull with wings. So far I have already used the cherub's head in a piece I'm trying to finish for Dios de los Muertos this year (stay tuned for posts on that). I this piece would juxtapose rusted steel and glazed ceramic. I plan to continue my shino experimentation on the skull but I am still envisioning exactly how I'll work the steel aspect. I might layer cut pieces stacked and bolted many options...
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